2017 Member Spotlights

Debra Sartori – July 2017

July Member Spotlight: Debra SartoriCAC member Debra Sartori grew up in Durban, South Africa, and moved to St. Louis in 1993 while working for an international software development company. After a career in software development, she decided to pursue her first love, real estate, and she is now one of the top real estate agents in the St. Louis area representing Keller Williams.

When she is not working out at the Club or assisting clients, Debra is actively involved with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Team in Training raising money for cancer research.  Most recently, Debra and her team completed a 100 mile bike ride around Lake Tahoe, America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride, raising $104,000 and the naming rights for a research grant!  The overall event raised over $3.25M which will help to find a cure for Leukemia, Lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and Myeloma, and improve the quality of life for patients and families.  Debra’s passion towards this cause started about 7 years ago when she signed up to do both a half marathon & a triathlon (the same year no less!)  One of her friends had passed away from Leukemia and had children the same age as hers; she couldn’t imagine how hard that must have been for them to lose their mother at such a young age.  Debra has also been inspired by the survivors who participate in the events.  She was excited that this was her third event with TNT which was recognized as the Triple Crown.

For more information on Team in Training, contact: Rich Sloan at 314.578.6595, rich.sloan@lls.org. And, if you’re looking for an expert in real estate, contact Debra at 636-346-5367 or e-mail debra@DebraSartori.com.

The Tudtud Family – June 2017

Sometimes our children are the reason we are drawn into new places.  Just ask Chris & Kelly Tudtud, who relocated from the Northern Suburbs of Chicago into Chesterfield 18 months ago.  They attended an expo on kids’ camps hoping to find a place for their children to enjoy over the summer since they both work full-time.

Chris and Kelly chose the All Star Kids Camp at Chesterfield Athletic Club (CAC) for Seth, their 7 year old son, because it offered a variety of activities and sports for him to enjoy, and most importantly CAC offers a before & after child care that accommodated their work schedules.  Seth spent several weeks of his summer vacation at the camp. He made new friends, he was exposed to many sports and group activities. Most notably Seth really enjoyed playing tennis – so much that he decided to continue in the fall after the camp was over.

With Chris and Kelly spending more time at CAC for Seth’s tennis lessons, they saw other great programs for the entire family to enjoy – like swimming for Mercy (their 5 year old daughter).

To experience all CAC had to offer, they became a platinum full club family and started working out with personal trainer, Jerry Morrison, who has been great at keeping them on point.  An avid runner in the past, Kelly felt it was a good time to get back into it and found that Benita’s trekking classes have been just the inspiration she needed to regain her stamina.

What Chris and Kelly say they love most about the club is the family atmosphere and how there is truly something for everyone and added, “We are so blessed with CAC’s Amazing Staff!”  They also like CAC’s community outreach programs like the DASA (Disabled Athletic Sports Association) and the Rock Steady program which helps people with Parkinson’s.

The Tudtud family is excited about spending their summer at CAC.

Carla Grumpke – April 2017

CAC Member, Carla Grumke, thrives on staying busy and loves meeting new people while she balances a hectic schedule being a performer, artist, avid tennis player and mom.  Over the last decade at the CAC, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Carla both on the courts and on the stage.

Carla’s true passion is singing and she is the female vocalist of the Everyday People Band whom she’s been performing with for over five years playing at various CAC pool parties as well as summer concerts and private events.  Everyday People is a 7-8 piece variety band with a brass section who can perform a wide selection of current pop hits as well as classic old time rock n’ roll favorites.   For more details and to book an event with The Everyday People Band, visit their website at:   https://everydaypeoplestl.com/.  When she’s not performing or playing tennis, Carla works full time as a hair stylist at Tony Russo’s Hair Designs in Ellisville.  She is always happy to meet new clients, and can be reached for appointments by text or calling 314-435-1873.

Susan Finn – March 2017

Working their way through college at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor in the 80s turned out to be much more rewarding than either of them imagined – it was a match made in heaven for Greg & Sue Finn. The two lovebirds moved to St. Louis in 1988 for Greg to attend Wash U Med School, and Sue was a clinical research nurse at WUMS.

Greg was born to be a pediatrician, and kids always gravitated towards him. His vision was to build a practice that could accommodate a variety of patients & families with an emphasis on the best medical practices in a compassionate, kid-friendly environment to help patients be their healthiest. In 1997, after child #3 came along, Sue became a stay-at-home mom while Greg built his practice, Bluefish Pediatrics. Today, Bluefish Pediatrics consists of 4 doctors, two female MDs and two male MDs, all who have been chosen as “St Louis Best Doctors” and listed in St. Magazine for the past 10 years!

In his free time, Greg enjoys woodworking, hiking, running, gardening, cycling and learning to play tennis at the Club. Sue enjoys the CAC fitness classes, reading, cycling, gardening, hiking, traveling and any kind of creative endeavor! And, they both love spending family time with their 3 children (+1 fiance’)!

Jim Baldanza – February 2017

February’s Spotlight member is none other than Jim Baldanza, aka ‘CAC Racquetball Guru’. Jim has been playing racquetball since 1978 when he played his first game in a New Jersey Club where they were preparing for the worst snow storm in over a decade. With already 4 inches on the ground & more coming down, their plan was to play until they were tired, then ride out the storm in the bar next door. They were about an hour away from part B of the plan when they heard a knock on the door – “You guys ever played this game before?” asked a guy wearing a NY Yankee hat. With their mouths still wide open they managed a “no sir Mr. Berra”! Jim would like to credit Yogi for teaching him how to play the game, but that would be stretching it a bit since he never did play Yogi on the courts.

Jim’s love of racquetball grew, and he’s been playing at the CAC since 1986. He enjoys teaching beginners about the sport and even offers a racquetball summer camp for kids. Jim’s also the ‘go to guy’ when it comes to coordinating round robins, mixed league play and welcoming new members. So if you’re looking to learn a new court sport, he’ll get you going in the right direction! Call Jim at 314.422.8804 or email jimdanza@gmail.com.

Dr. Cynthia Fleck – January 2017

January’s Member & Business Spotlight, Dr. Cynthia Fleck, has a long list of accolades, including being the reining Mrs. Missouri 2016 and 5th Runner-Up at Mrs. USA as well as Mrs. Chesterfield 2016. A Southeast Missouri State BS, Fontbonne University MBA, University of Texas, Houston Medical School and University of Monterrey PhD alumna, Cynthia is an advanced practice nurse & business owner of a medical/surgical/biotech/education/expert witness consulting firm and serves on the Board of Directors of the American College of Clinical Wound Specialists, is Assistant Chief Editor of their peer-reviewed journal, and is Scientific Co-Chair of the Desert Foot Medical/Surgical Conference. She recently kicked off a national campaign to increase the awareness of the importance of diabetic foot exams called, “Show Me Your Sole.” An activist for the American Diabetes Association, and the Save a Leg, Save a Life Foundation, Cynthia’s passion is to provide advanced skin care and prevention of wounds for those living with diabetes, and with her extensive knowledge of diabetic foot care, she is often sought out to lecture and publish globally. She has published close to 400 peer-reviewed articles, research, scholarly chapters and edited one book. “Diabetic foot care issues plague more than 11 percent of Missourians, along with many of my patients,” Cynthia added, “I am delighted to represent the great State of Missouri & City of Chesterfield while raising awareness for diabetic foot care & amputation prevention.” Mayor of Chesterfield, Bob Nation proclaimed 16 May “Cynthia Fleck Day” in the City of Chesterfield to honor the resident.

Cynthia enjoys working out almost every day at the CAC with her husband, Randall Barker, another local business owner and CEO of In10T, providing independent guidance to tackle the digitalization of agriculture with data science driven solutions to meet business and customer needs. They are both dedicated to fitness and wellness for life. For more information, contact Dr. Cynthia Fleck at Cynthia Fleck & Associates, LLC (314) 518-3846 or at cynthiafleck@sbcglobal.net